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Birthdate:Jul 30
My name's Elina, and I'm an unrepentant redhead. Eek!

I'm a stubborn, passionate, impulsive young woman with a quick temper and a warped sense of humour. I wear big stompy boots, leather jackets (I seem to have hit a "crazy cat lady" phase with them - just one more can't possibly hurt, right?), love a good pair of socks, wash my hair with tar shampoo and wear L'Air du Temps in it, sleep naked, dance for my own entertainment (often badly), love my cuppa tea and adore the feel of rain-wet grass under my feet. I love stories, anecdotes, poetry, limericks, good films, and really, really bad movies.

The content of this journal is best taken with the view that the writer has a severe dark sarcasm habit she has no intention of breaking, and that her tongue is often firmly lodged in her cheek (and probably doing some scandalous undulating movements). I'm not exactly sane these days, and personally I don't mind so very much at all. I tend to rant and may post when upset or colossally tired, and am not "politically correct" and never aim to be. I don't play the blame game, I don't believe in regret, and I don't shirk personal responsibility - that said, even if you've never met a Savo-Karelian person, it's best to realise that interpretation is always the job of the observer...
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